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Bonjour mes ami(e)s !
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Mrs. Shackelford's French 1 wiki page

Semester 2 Winter/Spring 2016 (See further below for Semester 1)

Unit 3 Food unit :Bon Appetit!

food project (Due Friday,May 6) :


Mrs. Shackelford's "Bon Appétit" food wiki page

Mrs. Shackelford's French Cuisine Pinterest folder

Etudions la nourriture - great pics, videos, exercises (Note that this includes the "vocabulary flashcards" you have been working on in class!)

La nourriture - illustrations of every food item you've ever heard of!

Gastonomie resources wiki page

Ordering in a restaurant handout :

gastronomie (class handout):

la nourriture et la santé (French video clips activity we did in class):

La Musique Populaire en France 2016:
Musique populaire en France 2016.pptx
Musique populaire en France 2016.pptx
Musique populaire en France 2016.pptx

fiche de travail
Vidéos-ppt-fiche de travail.pdf
Vidéos-ppt-fiche de travail.pdf
Vidéos-ppt-fiche de travail.pdf

Unit 1: En ville:

Unit 2: Paris
(see our wiki page for the powerpoint used in class and many other Paris resources in both French and English:


Unit 3 : Bon appétit! (Food unit!)

Semester 1
UNITS 2015-16
Unit 1

Les Introductions:
Period 4 Selfie Wall:

Period 7 Selfie Wall:

Units 2 and 3: Myself, my friends and family:

    • Unit 2 & 3 Resources:
..... (This is the powerpoint with the long list of family members)........... les animaux (pinterest board de Madame Shackelford)...chats et chiens (pinterest board de Madame Shackelford)

Choisir un prénom français:
French Names
5000 prénoms sur le web - listed by alphabet
French prenoms listing
les noms et les prénoms


parties du corps
(body parts)

Thinglink example: (Merci, Madame Ousselin)

faisons des descriptions

guess which person is being described:

Unit 4: Maison Sweet Maison
La Maison Resources:

Plans des Maisons


La Maison - interactive, audio vocabulaire

La Chambre - exercises with Van Gogh's bedroom

Dans ma chambre il y a beaucoup de choses