Although there will be occasional graded assignments and projects, daily written homework is frequently NOT given in French class. When/if it is assigned, it is very short and graded only randomly for completion. Instead, students are expected to spend a minimum of 10 minutes per day PRACTICING whatever we are learning in class (i.e. looking at and saying vocabulary aloud, teaching someone else what they have learned, using flashcards, re-reading class notes and resources, singing, etc.) IN ADDITION, students will periodically (approximately every 2-3 weeks) be required to choose an activity from the lists below that allows them to expand their exposure to the language in context, increase awareness of cultural differences and similarities, and find an application for French beyond the classroom that appeals to them. They will then submit evidence of completion to the teacher (via uploads to their class Google Drive folder) that include 1) the DATE and/or TIME for the activity along with 2) the URL to videos, stations, articles, etc. used for the activity, and 3) proof that the directions for the activity were followed (ie. submit the results of whatever the activity required - creating a list of vocabulary or playlist of songs , a recording or video, a written reflection, scores for an exercise or game, etc. (Depending on the activity, sometimes a screenshot may be appropriate- for example, to show the final score on an electronic exercise or game.) Twenty (20) points for each activity will be earned if the required evidence is fully and completely submitted. BADGES may also be earned; look for the badges next to each activity to indicate what it can demonstrate.

For Novice-Mid:

mid listening.png mid reading.png mid writing.png mid speaking.png

For Novice High:

1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png

For Intermediate-Low:

inter1.png inter2.png inter3.png inter4.png

Activity categories: There are six categories of activities (on separate lists below) ; please try to choose your activities from a different category (list) each time. There is much variety, and hopefully everyone will find activities that are enjoyable for them.





Media: (Here are media resources):


Link to Google Folder to use for submitting your Homework Choice Assignments:

Many thanks to Laura Sexton (a Spanish teacher in my PLN ) for this idea and for having created and shared the badges.